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Rohan Educational Solutions is a pioneer in the World of Telecommunication Industry and we offer Comprehensive Solutions in various verticals of telecommunication. Our Portfolio includes the widest range of Products and Services in the in the field of Telecom Domain, Educational Domain and Research Domain .

Telecom Domain

Research Domain

Educational Domain

Rohan Educational Solutions[RES] is a prominent Manufacturer, Trader, Exporter, Supplier, Wholesaler/ Distributor for the Telecom Domain Products , We deal with a huge range of Telecommunication Products such as Splicing Machine, OTDR, Joint Closure, Fiber  optic Cable, optical Patch Chod, Router, OLT, ONT, SFP’s,  Switches, Digital Meter, PLC Splitters, Optical Laser Source, Power Meter and many more. RES maintains the best quality product and a offers a finest service to all the customers.

Rohan Educational Solutions offer the premier quality optics and optical components, Opto-Mechnaics like Mounts, posts, Vibration Free Table. In Active Components like Laser and PhtoDetector modules, various Laser Source and Detector. Either you are setting up a laser experiment or integrating a other photonics product, we have extraordinary performance optics to suit your needs. For all Your Specific Applications we provide the best solution for all you need by using our Optical Products. 

Rohan Educational Solutions is laying the Cornerstone in the prominent field of Fiber Optics by manufacturing various Fiber Optic Lab Solutions to various Universities in India and Abroad. RES builds the gap between the Industries and the Academics with its various fiber Optic Lab Products. The cutting edge technologies such as EDFA, OTDR, WDM, Sensors, Optical Add Drop Multipler