Fiber to The Home [FTTH]

Fast Field Connectors

Fast Field Connectors make it easy to install FTTH Passsive network , filed Installation connectors are pre-polished connectors that completely eliminate the need of hand polishing in the field

FTTH Drop Cable Patch Cable

Access network fiber optic drop cable (indoor wiring) is to put fiber optic unit in the center, on both sides is two parallel nonmetallic reinforcing element (FRP) or metallic strength member,finally extrusion black or color polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or low smoke halogen-free flame retardant (LSZH) sheath.

Home Termination Box

Small size and light weight for easy installation compact body

Wall mounted with mechanical protection function

Available for FC,SC,ST,LC adatpers

Fiber can get in from bottom or side

Anti-UV, Ultra violet resistant and rainfall resistant

Fiber Optic Distribution Panel

Fiber Optic Distribution Panel is widely used as a termination point for feeder cable to connect with drop cable.

The fiber splicing, Splitting, distribution can be done in this Panel, and meanwhile it provides solid protection and management for FTTX network.Can be used indoor or outdoor


The ONU is designed mainly for FTTH use and FTTO use as well. It support 1000 Base-PX10/PX20 standard with 1:64 maximum optical splitting ratio and 20km distance, and provide 1 up-link GE PON port.It work together with OLT could realize flexible network structure and maintenance and provide total FTTx solutions.It built in CATV Receiver to realize the analog or DVB TV signals transmission.It adopts single fiber WDM technology with downlink wavelength 1550nm and 1490nm, uplink wavelength 1310nm . It only needs one-core fiber to transmit data and CATV service.