Fiber Optic Hands-on Trainer


As fiber optic cabling becomes an increasingly important aspect of local area network (LAN) communications infrastructures LAN installers have to be well trained in the fundamentals of terminating fiber and installing fiber connectors. In fiber network installations, workmanship is critical to achieve acceptable results. Even a small imperfection or microscopic dirt on the face of the fiber can create significant problems with optical propagation, which can cause the link to fail.


A Complete Hand-0n Experience on fiber Optic field Tools
Difference between the co-axial and fiber Optic Cable
Connectorization of Cat 5 and Single Mode Optical Fiber

Hands-On Tools and Experiments

Cat 5 Cable Preparation
         Cat 5 cable Roll
         Crimping Tool
         Cable Cutter
         Lan Cable Tester
         Tool Casing

Fiber Connectorization
         Single Mode Fiber roll (G652)
         Fiber Optic Fast Connector (Sc/PC)
         Fiber Stripper
         Fiber Cleaver
         Optical Lint Free Tissues
         Optical Cleaning Solutions(IPA)
         Tool Casing