Fiber Optic Passive Components Module


Fiber Optic Passive Components Trainer provides a complete overview of fiber optic technology and skills needed to work with fiber optics, It offers various
Optical Passive Components such as Isolator, Circulator, Course Wavelength Division Multiplexer, Splitter, Coupler, Fiber Bragg Grating . One can use these components individually or combined or even with any other Fiber Optic Equipment to gain a better understanding of the technology and working of Optical Passive network with hands-on experience in industrial grade components


Consolidating Industrial Grade Optical Passive Components
Various Optical Passive Components Isolator, WDM, Circulator, 3db Coupler, PLC Splitter, Fiber Bragg Grating.
Interface with other Optical Equipments
Complete Research Solution

Components Specifications

Optical Isolator
         Optical Isolator 1550nm
         Insertion loss of 0.4dB
         Isolation Rate of >30dB
2×2 Coupler
         Operating Wavelength: 1260nm – 1620nm
         Coupling ratio : 50:50
         Insertion loss of <1dB at each Port
1×8 PLC splitter
         Operating Wavelength: 1260nm – 1620nm
         Return Loss: >50dB
4 channel CWDM Mux & Demux
         Operating Wavelengths : 1510nm,1530nm, 1550nm, 1570nm
         Channel Spacing : 20nm
3 Port Circulator
         Operating Wavelength: 1260nm – 1620nm
         Isolation of 15 dB
         Insertion loss : 0.5-1dB
Fiber Bragg Grating
         Operating Wavelength: 1260nm – 1620nm
         Central Frequency: 1550nm
         Wavelength Deviation : +-3nm
         Reflectivity: >90%

List of Experiment

  • Numerical Aperture
  • Visualization of
  • Modes in Optical Fiber
  • Optical Fiber Transmission loss Property and Measurement
  • Calculate the Bending
  • Loss in Optical Fiber
  • Measure the insertion loss of an Optical Isolator
  • Measure the isolation rate of an Optical Isolator
  • Calculate the insertion loss of Fiber Optic Coupler
  • To measure the coupling coeficient in Fiber Optic Coupler
  • Characteristics of an Optical Coupler and Splitter
  • Characteristics of Fiber Bragg Gratings and Circulator
  • Characteristics of Wavelength Division Multiplexing [WDM]
  • Determine the insertion loss and crosstalk at each port of Multiplexer
**with a combination of Fiber Optic Laser and Photo Detector

List of Accessories

  • Visual Fault Locator
  • Optical Power Meter
  • Single Mode Fiber Spool
  • Single Mode Optical
  • Patch Cable SC/APC to SC/APC
  • Multimode Optical
  • Patch Cable SC/PC to SC/PC
  • Fixed Attenuator 5dB, 10dB
  • Adapters SC/UPC
  • Optical Cleaning Kit
  • Mains Power Cable
  • BNC cables
  • Manual