Fiber Optic Laser Source & Photodetector Module

Model No: RES-LDPD

Fiber Optic Laser and Photo Detector Module is the most useful Modules for all the people who work in the field of Fiber Optics as it provides four DFB Laser Source and four inbuilt InGaAs Photodetector in a single Platform which help the students to build up any experiment which they desire, Laser Source available has a option of modulation and an option of variable Power (Upto 3mW), Rohan Educational Solutions is offering a solution where you a four Tunable Power Modulated(Analog/Digital) Lasers and four Photodetector, The Fiber Optic Laser and Photo Detector Module can be used with any other optical modules or any optical passive components easily and can be a base product in your Optical Lab 

Rohan Educational Solutions as a Manufacture offers a fully customizable option to all his users, The user is free to decide which Laser Diode, Output Power, Modulation frequency, detector sensitivity can be chosen by user based on their requirement of their research


DFB Tunable Laser Source
Advanced Multiple Quantum Well(MQW)
Digital Modulation/Continous of Laser Source
Output Electrical Modulated signal can be projected on external DSO/CRO
Built-in InGaAs monitor PD
Interface with other Optical Equipment

Components Specifications

Single Mode DFB Laser Diode
         Wavelenght:1510nm, 1530nm, 1550nm, 1570nm
         Output Power: 0.1 to 3 mW (Variable )
         Spectral Width: 0.5-1 nm
         Operating Temperature: -20°to +70°
         Reverse Voltage: 2V
         SMSR: 40dB

InGaAs Photo-detector
         Storage Temperature: -40°to 100°C
         Operating Temperature: -40°to +85°C
         Saturation Input Power: 10 mw
         Forward Current: 10 mA
         Reverse Bias: 30 V
         Frequency Bandwidth: 3GHz

List of Experiment

  • Numerical Aperture
  • Visualization of
  • Modes in Optical Fiber
  • Optical Fiber Transmission loss Property and Measurement
  • Calculate the Bending
  • Loss in Optical Fiber
  • Measure the insertion loss of an Optical Isolator
  • Measure the isolation rate of an Optical Isolator
  • Calculate the insertion loss of Fiber Optic Coupler
  • To measure the coupling coeficient in Fiber Optic Coupler
  • Characteristics of an Optical Coupler and Splitter
  • Characteristics of Fiber Bragg Gratings and Circulator
  • Characteristics of Wavelength Division Multiplexing [WDM]
  • Determine the insertion loss and crosstalk at each port of Multiplexer
**with a combination of Fiber Optic Passive Component Module

List of Accessories

  • Visual Fault Locator
  • Optical Power Meter
  • Single Mode Fiber Spool
  • Single Mode Optical
  • Patch Cable SC/APC to SC/APC
  • Multimode Optical
  • Patch Cable SC/PC to SC/PC
  • Fixed Attenuator 5dB, 10dB
  • Adapters SC/UPC
  • Optical Cleaning Kit
  • Mains Power Cable
  • BNC cables
  • Manual